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Web Connection (MFWC)

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MFWC and MFTRACK... A low cost way to have an "online-presence" and give your customers what they have been asking for in a value added service.
MFTRACK is the internet component of VerTechs Associates' Motor Freight Web Connection product or MFWC. MFWC's other component resides at the host transportation site where it manages the content and accessibility of information available on the MFTrack web site. Click on images below to enlarge
Shippers or other customers may logon to MFTrack via a link that is displayed on your own website. When a user clicks on the link, your own personalized welcome page will be displayed at The page will appear as a seamless continuation of your own web site.
Users may request an ID directly from the MFTRACK Logon page.  User ID's and access rights are controlled using an application running on your company server.  The MFWC server component allows you to Email customers with ID and password information.  You may also use the special Email console to sent messages to all or a selection of the MFTrack users.

When the user supplies a valid ID and password he will have access to only that information that you have granted permission to. He may view a table of all documents or search for specific ones based on selections such as invoice number, reference, BL or PO number and a date range. Once the table is displayed, it may sorted based on any field.

To view document detail, the user just needs to click on the button next to the item in the table. Users may request Quotes and request Pickups  on-line. Pickups  show up automatically on the dispatch screen. Email confirmations are sent to the user and the trucking company.

MFTrack can provide Container Freight Station information that includes freight availability and release requirements. Authorized Co-parties may release freight on-line. Master Air Way Bill information along with House Bill data is made available
MFTRACK  includes the abiliy to display basic delivery information on freight bills with an anonymous login.  The user does not need an account, ony a valid freight bill number or reference to learn delivery status information.  At no time is an internet user connected to your production data base nor do you have to maintain an expensive in-house SQL data base
An optional rating feature  allows your customers to determine shipment rates from your general tariff (MFZR is required).  Customers with valid User ID's may use rates specifically designed for them (FAK).  Current fuel surcharges are supplied. Users may also login anonymously to get general rate estimates.
New in the Fall of 2010 is an optional ON-Line Bill of Lading entry feature.  Users may fill out a bill of lading and save and print it using the familiar PDF format.  Those with User Id's may enter,save and edit often used company names and addresses.  They may also store and retrieve commonly used line items to speed entry.  Bills of ladings may be converted to a pickup request with the touch of a button
New in the Fall of 2010 is an optional Service Points look-up feature.  Users may determine whether an origin or destination is a direct or indirect point along with which terminal handles the point and the days of the week that the point is serviced.
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