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System Requirements

MF21 System Requirements

  updated 10-29-2010

The MF21 software products are designed to run on a Windows 2000 (or later) Server.  Small companies with 1 or 4 workstations may get by with nothing more than Windows peer-to-peer networking.  We recommend the use a "dedicated server" running Windows 2000 or XP professional versions. Workstations should be Windows 2000 or XP professional and should have a minimum of 512MB RAM and 1Ghz processors. (1Gb of RAM and 2+ Ghz   is recommended.)
Companies with 5 to 16 workstations should run a dedicated server running Windows 2000, 2003 or 2008 server (NT Server is no longer supported by Microsoft). Workstations should be Windows 2000 or XP professional or W7 (business) and should have a minimum of 512MB RAM and 1GHz processors. (1GB of RAM  and 1+ Ghz  is recommended.)
In addition to the above specifications, for companies with more than 16 workstations, we recommend that MS SQL server be installed.  MF21 products have been designed and certified to run on both Access desktop databases and MS SQL(2000/2005) .  Companies may upgrade at any time to the SQL version. A license upgrade is required. 
Note:  For Access database users, Access 2002 (included with MS Office XP) or above  is required on at least one workstation. In order to take advantage of the interoperability of MF21 programs and microsoft productivity tools, it is recommended that all MF21 workstations be provided with MS Office.
A laser printer is required for freight bills, statements and reports. Although inkjet printers are supported they are not recommended. Dot matrix printers are not supported.
Microsoft Mappoint 2004 or above is required on each workstation that you wish to use the interactive mapping features of MFRA.
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