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Revenue Accounting

and Operations (MFRA)  
The MF21 Revenue Accounting System is designed to perform the bulk of a motor freight company's day-to-day clerical and operations work. It is a highly sophisticated yet easy to use product, thoroughly tested and built on years of experience in both large and small companies.
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From taking a call for a pickup to dispatching the driver, to producing an automatically rated freight bill and a delivery manifest, to tracking deliveries, appointments and COD's, to summary and aging statements and interline billing and payables including D83 split option, this system has it all.
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Comprehensive history and tracing included.  Revenue is simultaneously traced for drivers, routes, shippers, consignees, third parties as well as custom defined "revenue centers". Revenue may also be tracked for "Lanes" using origin and destination locations or regions. In addition MFRA interfaces with Motor Freight Web Connection the on-line extension of MF21 products.

When you count all the features, experience our personalized service, industry knowledge and fair pricing, you'll know you have chosen the right product and company to work with.

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When a call comes in from a shipper for a pickup, the information may be recorded by anyone on the network.  Data is pulled from the customer file and includes such items as open close and usual ready times along with any special notes or information. It is desirable to record piece count and weight along with destination if possible as this greatly assists in planning for the next day's deliveries. A call can generate a quote that can be automatically converted to a freight bill.  All calls immediately appear on the dispatcher's screen as soon as they are saved.

As pickups are assigned to drivers, the dispatch screen is updated and the inbound freight manifest will reflect the changes. No more missed pickups due to lost scraps of paper. Pickups may be easily reassigned to other routes (drivers) as the need arises.  The dispatcher(s) can "Hot Key" directly to the call, route or shipper's file while assigning new pickups to a driver. All pickups are assigned using drag and drop technology as well as function keys. Pickup sequence may be changed at will. One route, an Area or the entire fleet can be displayed on one or multiple screens.  Pickups may be arranged by route, shipper location or time.

In addition to pickups, all freight out for delivery can be simultaneously displayed on split or overlapping screens .  Hot link to the manifest, rearrange delivery sequence, or review, change and print freight bills all from the dispatch screen.  Changes made by one dispatcher are automatically updated to other dispatcher screens.

A location log is included that keeps track of driver and equipment movements.  When a pickup or delivery is made, the location of the equipment is recorded and updated in the log.  Driver "callins" and other information can be recorded.  Equipment "hooks" and "drops" can also be added to the log.  The log may be printed via a report or it may be viewed directly from the dispatch screen. The "tree" view uses special icons to group the data.  Clicking on list items "drills" down to the detail on the log entry. 
Details on every piece of equipment may be viewed directly from dispatch.  A convenient "tree" view displays equipment by type using easy to recognize icons.  Clicking on the list items "drills" down to the equipment detail.  Equipment maintenance functions provide tools to assign equipment to default locations, assign routes and track equipment activity.
A  Dynamic interface to MS MapPoint is included.  Display pickups and deliveries and optimize routes. Provide drivers with printed directions.  This feature requires a licensed copy of Mappoint 2004 or 2006 be installed on each "dispatch" computer.

The freight bill provides much of the information for the analysis of customer trends  and company service. Data from customer, driver, route and revenue center files are used to create a document that reflects charges and services that can be generated automatically from tariffs or customer specific rates.  Accounts receivable and interline accounts are updated automatically and revenue credit is recorded for a number of important data centers including drivers, routes and revenue centers. The system easily rates multi-class shipments when used in conjunction with MFZR our rating and tariff design system. We provide two formats for freight bill entry.  A single screen pictured here or a two screen version for systems with lower display resolution. Completed bills may be previewed, printed or sent to a file for printing at a later time or for sending by E-mail to customers.

Every customer rate is a key press away.

We provide two formats for printing freight bills. Print two or one per page using plain paper or preprinted forms.

When a freight bill is updated (posted) all financial information is recorded in the appropriate data tables along with detailed general ledger information. Any freight bill that has been updated may be adjusted or even voided and corrected if necessary and then updated again.
Shipping manifests and delivery manifests which aid in effective dispatch and customer service are produced automatically by the system in minutes. Other manifests include: Inbound freight, planning, COD, appointment and undelivered freight manifests.

Summary statements, and aging statements can produce a marked decrease in delinquent accounts receivables, which in turn means an  increase in cash flow. Billing copies of statemented bills may be automatically printed for inclusion with the statement.

Applying payment to invoices may be done efficiently by individual pro number, statement or by entire balance.  This is true for application of interline payable amounts as well as receivables.  A unique aggregate payment function allows one chack to be distributed over multiple customer accounts. 

Freight bills, credit memos, finance charges and unapplied cash may be easily adjusted. All changes can be previewed before applying them. The system handles revenue and payable adjustments along with "charge backs"

Customer balances, general information, shipping history, freight bill detail and transactions are provided on a single screen. In addition, customer profile information, commodities, rates and contact information are here too. Record unlimited notes for each customer.

Provides detailed Freight bill inquiry. "Drill down" to transactions, history, imaging (if installed). Print a freight bill directly from this screen.

Provides detailed General Ledger Inquiry and reporting.  GL transactions may be exported to third party accounting applications if desired.

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