VerTechs Associates Inc.

Company Overview

VerTechs offers  a complete line of software designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized carriers. All of our products are "turnkey" in that they require no special modifications to run nor do they require operators with "special skills".  All of our applications are designed to run on single or networked PC's.

VerTechs handles all kinds of automation needs from rating and tariff design software, LTL dispatch, freight billing and revenue analysis to general accounting and electronic data interchange and optical imaging. 

In addition to our software, we offer a strong background in transportation and work with our clients to overcome the ever-changing challenges of the industry. VerTechs has partnerships with several motor freight specialists, vendors and professional organizations such as the Massachusetts Software and Internet Council, Microsoft, IBM, Qualedi and various rate bureaus. These relationships in conjunction with our software and industry knowledge help us provide our motor freight customers with the best automation solutions available.

Mission Statement
Our continuing goal is to develop and support affordable high quality, high performance software dedicated for use by small to medium sized motor freight carriers.


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