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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Electronic Data Interchange or EDI enables companies to exchange documents such as purchase orders, freight bills and shipment status information with one or more trading partners.
Typically a shipper will request electronic information in the form of a standard freight bill or as a manifest of all or specific shipments handled by a motor freight carrier and its connecting lines. VerTechs can help you answer all such requests and can provide solutions for transmitting standard TDCC or ANSI  X12 documents.
VerTechs works in conjunction with Qualedi of Milford, Connecticut, a supplier of high quality EDI translation software.  Using this software, VerTechs can set up a system as well as provide you with custom transfer of data to and from the Motor Freight Revenue Accounting System using our own interface software.

VerTechs will help you set up a relationship with a value added network(VAN) and your trading partners.  In addition we can provide software that will allow you to communicate with your trading partner directly using the internet and FTP
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