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Zip Rating and Tariff Design (MFZR)

The Zip Rating Tariff Designer package goes way beyond providing the ability to "lookup" rates on the computer. It actually allows you to design and maintain your own classes and complete tariffs. The user can switch between unlimited separate tariffs, each with its own set of rate scales and classes. With this system you have the ability to create a variation of a standard class or classes and send them to your customers on a custom rate CD. Rate quotes can be printed from one point to several or all points covered by your tariff. Rating is fast, easy and accurate.
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When used with Motor Freight Revenue Accounting, freight bills can be automatically rated at the time of entry, eliminating a tremendous amount of handling and time.
The CLASS LIST report provides a detailed listing of all rates in a given class along with rate scales and minimum charges.

The POINTS LIST REPORT prints out a selection or all zip codes and cities in the system.

The RATE QUOTATION REPORT provides an easy to read set of data showing rates from a customer's shipping origin to all or specific destinations. City name and rate scale may be included as well as the zip code. Rates  and minimums may be discounted "on-the-fly".

The RATE Determinations screen provides the ability to rate shipments using multiple tariffs and assessorial charges.  A weight and class is entered on each line. Deficit weight calculations are automatic and fuel charges may be applied along with applicable discounts. Press the "QUOTE" key and the results of your rate calculation can be printed stored or emailed to someone inside or outside your organization.

Create Rate disks (CD's) that may be distributed to customers. The CD's will provide the same rating environment used by your staff.  The rates you give them can be tailored to your specific agreement with them. You can provide them with one or all classes in a given tariff and provide one or many origin and destination points.  You can also include only those assessorial charges that might apply to them.

Maintain class and accessorial rates. Classes or entire tariffs may be copied and modified.  Periodic increases may be applied using simple mouse clicks. FAK rates or custom classes may be created based on existing classes. These classes may be assigned to customers within the MFRA system.

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